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Hot Wax Wallpaper

On the following pages is my collection of original (made be me and Paint Shop Pro) wallpaper for your desktop or backgrounds for your page. They are all 100x100 and seamless. Just right click on the image and go from there. Hope you like 'em. If you do, drop me a line! If you use these let me know where, so I can see them in action.

The backgrounds pages may take a minute or two to load, so try to be patient! Click on any one to see it tiled full page. I am using Heikki's CGI-Background Previewer.

electric underwater tarnish purple frond
gila monster charcoal graffiti spray paint
lemonade pink snow waffles n syrup waffles
carribean tissue fluid splatter creamed corn

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Last updated: February 25, 1999 10:31 A.M. EST

Absolute Reckoning graphics

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All backgrounds are original artwork created by Louis Toth for Absolute Reckoning Graphics. Any similarity to existing images found on the web is purely coincidental. I retain all copyright to these images. You may use any image(s) found here on your PERSONAL web page(s) free of charge. Commercial sites must obtain written permission from me before using any images found at this site. These images may not be used in any clipart or background collection in ANY medium without the consent of this author.